We provide different ways to make payments of your orders:

  • Transfer or bank deposit. With this payment you make payment in advance, or by transferring the order amount from your bank or making the payment directly in one of our institutions. With this form of payment any amount as management fees are not paid and can benefit from specific promotions. Remember that transfer paid orders will be saved for 4 working days pending payment, excluding weekends, starting the day after ordering, and after this time it will be automatically deleted. Payment method recommended to reduce commissions.
  • PayPal. The customer can pay the order through the Paypal payment system. (If you do not have a PayPal account you could pay with your credit card.)
  • Card. This payment is immediate. When you confirm your order with card payment, a POS page frame will appear on the screen. You can perform the payment by entering your card information.

Any questions you may have about payment methods please contact us via e-mail